Little Books For Home

Providing the little Ziggy books for home is a key part of the early years approach. We hope that parents/carers will join in their children’s learning journey with Ziggy, and enjoy sharing the stories and activities at home. It’s never too early for a child to get into good road safety habits that will last them a lifetime, so it’s important for adults to set good examples in real life situations.

Over the two years of pre-school, children will be given the following six books to take home at the most appropriate time, for example after the story has been read in class.

Ante-pre-school year (age 3-4)
Ziggy and the Lollipop
Ziggy Visits Granny
Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday

Pre-school year (age 4-5)
Ziggy’s Halloween Wish
Ziggy Goes Zab-a-ding-a-wheeee
Ziggy and Maggie Start School

Annual ordering schedule

Twice a year, nurseries will be emailed an order link by APS (Scotland) on behalf of Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government.

End of August:

  • Ante-pre-school – Ziggy and the Lollipop
  • Ante-pre-school – Ziggy Visits Granny
  • Pre-school – Ziggy’s Halloween Wish

End of February:

  • Ante-pre-school – Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday
  • Pre-school – Ziggy Goes Zab-a-ding-a-Wheeee
  • Pre-school - Ziggy and Maggie Start School

NEW FOR 2018

From August 2018, Primary 1 teachers will have the opportunity to order a brand new book for their children, 'Ziggy and the Egg and Spoon'.