What to wear to stay bright and be seen

What to wear to stay bright and be seen

Wearing the right clothing when out on the roads makes a huge difference to your safety. Always remember Be Bright, Be Seen.

If drivers can see children, they can take extra care when passing. So making sure children can be easily seen when out and about is a really important part of keeping them safe. Ziggy learned all about this on Halloween.

When the weather is dull, clothing needs to be bright, fluorescent or white.

Bright colours can’t be seen in the dark, so at night reflective gear is the safest choice.

Children will learn about the right clothes to wear as part of their road safety lessons at nursery or school, but you can help bring this knowledge to life. Why not try playing some games with children to teach them which of their clothes are bright, reflective or dark?

Remember, what you do affects what your children think is OK, so set a good example and always wear the right clothing yourself too.