How to keep kids safe while walking near roads

How to keep kids safe while walking near roads

Letting kids be kids

Outdoor adventures should be part of every childhood. But unless these are teamed with responsible road safety, things can soon get dangerous. Children can’t assess unseen risks until they’re around 8 years old, so it’s important we teach them about the dangers they need to watch out for.

Where to start

Talking to children about the things they might see when out and about is a great way to start teaching road safety.

You could try inventing games based around recognising different vehicles, colours of cars, road signs and types of crossings. This will quickly build children's knowledge and understanding. Ziggy’s Road Safety Mission includes lots of great ideas that will help you get started.

Out and about

In almost three-quarters of road accidents in which children are killed or seriously injured, the child is a pedestrian. So when you’re out and about, it’s important to show children that they need to take extra care. You can do this in three simple ways:

Lead by example

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is set a good example. Children like to copy grown-ups and they’ll follow your example on road safety too. If they see you being careless, they’ll think it’s OK for them to be as well. So emphasise the idea of waiting before crossing the road – taking the time to assess the situation properly: stopping, looking, listening and making sure the road is completely clear before crossing.

Hold hands

Whenever you walk near traffic or cross the road with young children, hold their hand and make sure they walk on the inside of the pavement, away from moving vehicles. This will make them feel protected and keep them safe. If you are pushing a pram or pushchair, you can get them to hold on to that instead.




Whenever you’re near traffic it’s important to stay alert. Especially when crossing the road. Never cross while using a mobile phone; the road needs your full attention. If walking in an area where there is no pavement, walk along the side of the road that faces the traffic so you can see what’s coming. This allows you step off the road to let cars pass. Ziggy learned all about this when he went to visit Granny. Why not read the story together?

Why not try some of Ziggy’s games or role-play activities to help children practise their road safety?