Road safety saves lives - children's lives

Road safety saves lives - children's lives

Targets for making our roads safer

Road traffic accidents are one of the highest causes of accidental death in young Scots. That’s why in 2009, the Scottish Government’s Road Safety Framework to 2020 set out ambitious targets for making our roads safer. These goals include cutting the number of children killed by at least 50% and reducing the amount of serious injuries by more than 65%.

Teaching our children how to use roads safely will have a big part to play in making these targets a reality.

A skill for life

Road safety is about much more than gaining knowledge and understanding; it’s about changing attitudes and behaviours. If we can do this, we will save lives. Not only now, but far into the future.

This is important because:

  • In 2012 alone, 196 children were killed or seriously injured on Scotland’s roads
  • Young children don’t yet have the skills to judge how far away vehicles are, or how fast they are travelling
  • Children can’t assess unseen risks until around 8 years of age

It’s never too soon to start

By age four, a child’s brain is already 90% of its adult size. This means the early years are the best time to start teaching children about road safety, as this is when their brains are growing the quickest and they learn things more easily. The skills children develop now will stay with them forever, so encouraging good habits will play a part in keeping them safe for the rest of their lives.

Go Safe! Ziggy’s Road Safety Mission includes loads of fun ways to teach children about staying safe. By sharing the stories, games, videos and activities, road safety will soon become second nature. And don’t forget to practise together when you’re out and about.

So get started and get ready to Go Safe with Ziggy!