Road safety advice for parents

Road safety advice for parents

Teaching road safety might sound scary, but don’t worry, it’s not. You’re probably doing a lot of the right things already…

Be road safe

Setting a good example is one of the most important things you can do. We all know that children like to copy adults … and it's no different for road safety. The example you set now is likely to shape the road users your children will grow up to be.

Give your child the best possible start on their road safety journey by making sure that before they cross the road they need to WAIT. Reminding a young child to take the time to WAIT reinforces the idea that roads are dangerous. You then need to show them how you:

STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN every time you cross the road

Take care when walking near traffic

Travel safely in a vehicle

Practise good habits even if your child isn’t with you. Not only will this keep you safe, it will also make it easier to always do the right thing in front of your little one.

Talk about traffic

Talking about the different things you see when you’re out and about is a great way to start teaching children about traffic. Make it fun by playing some of Ziggy’s suggested road safety games and activities.

Keep it interesting by talking about:

Let them teach you

If your child is learning about road safety at school or nursery, ask them to tell you about it. Not only will this make them think it over, it will let you know what they’ve covered so you can practise it at home.

Remember, you can help them practise their road safety knowledge anywhere: in the car, walking down the street or even at home … all you need is a bit of imagination!