Ziggy's Fun Day Out

Ziggy is back with more creative road safety learning that children love. This time he would like to help your class write a road safety story using his amazing story creator!

Once you've finished your story, your class will receive a 'My Journey with Ziggy' pack complete with a Ziggy soft toy. Then the idea is that each child will take it in turns to look after Ziggy at home and put their Zab-a-ding-a-doo road safety know-how into practice. Please note only nursery and primary 1 classes in Scotland are eligible for this resource.

Get going with 5 simple steps:

Learn about road safety in the classroom


Take your class for a walk - short or long, it doesn't matter


Fill out Ziggy’s amazing story creator


Wait for your 'My Journey with Ziggy' pack to arrive


Add new stories starring your new Ziggy toy